The best shoes in the world...

Jacket - Adidas via ASOS
T-shirt - Reformation
Jeans - ASOS

I’m composing this post in perhaps the most un-glamorous of settings; the back of a sweaty, packed-out megabus. As sleep doesn’t seem to be in the realm of vague possibility, I thought I should put my discomfort to good use, so here I am. This outfit is actually from a few weeks ago, because to be brutally honest I’ve either been applying for jobs or sleeping in before work, as opposed to documenting my outfits. I think it’s good one regardless, so I figured I’d talk through it on here.

I’m wearing the top half of my beloved Adidas two piece - which in the interest of complete transparency, I did purchase new from ASOS. However, you can absolutely find a whole section of vintage Adidas at near enough any shop you enter into, so a new purchase here was not necessary, and is something I’ll bear in mind in the future. I’m also wearing my fave black Reformation tshirt which I got in NYC (omg u went to new york tell us more w0w) after a TRANSFORMATIVE experience in the changing rooms - read: lighting concepts, aux cords and iPad ordering. Reformation are a great, sustainable brand which produces new items with the least environmental impact possible. I’m sure I’ll do some sort of profile on them here soon. The black skinnies are again, just from ASOS.

The piece-de-bloody-resistance of this outfit is absolutely my heavenly new Stella McCartney Elyse shoes. If you’re an eagle eyed follower of my Instagram, you’ll know these aren't the only Elyse shoes I own (oops), but this style is different. As well as being made of the most incredible silver vegan patent ‘leather’, I actually got them second hand from Vestiaire collective and therefore supported environmentally friendly fashion both through purchasing Stella McCartney, but also by buying something that was already in the waste stream. The small Falabella bag I'm wearing is also from Stella McCartney and is made using a cotton based suede alternative. Made in Italy, the workers are paid a fair wage and the bag is lined using recycled plastic bottles; a high end sartorially minded environmentalist's dream.

So, there concludes another meandering post about how I try to dress sustainably with very minimal effort.

Hope you're well.


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