A 2018 look.

Jumper - Champion via BS8 vintage
Shorts (yes I am wearing some) - Levis via Glasgow Vintage Co.
Sunglasses - le specs 'The Last Lolita' via Matches Fashion
Shoes - Vegan Veja's

I serendipitously threw together this outfit up in Glasgow one day last month, after an 8 hour long shift, in order to bid my angel pal Danial adieu before he went off to Uni. My spirits were high as the Cancer Research on Byres Road was having a 50% off sale; I adeptly located and purchased both a green Fred Perry tshirt and a black Ralph Lauren one for £7 total. In fact, if you look close enough, you can probably see how euphoric I was ... (or not). After a quick rummage in Glasgow's finest vintage shops ('Glasgow Vintage Co' and 'Retro'), Kirsty, Danial and I went for coffee at Kelvin Pocket, just behind Kelvinbridge subway station. After eating a bar of iChoc between us, the cookie one obv, and drinking two oat milk flat whites each, we stretched into the afternoon sun. Me being me, I proceeded to whip out my Olympus Mju and snap both a few pictures of my pals and some outfit photos on 35mm. 

My outfit centred around this vintage, oversized black Champion jumper I picked up in Bristol. I thought I'd play up the fit of the jumper by wearing it as more of a dress, with some vintage levis underneath for some modesty. I also wore my Le Specs 'Last Lolita' sunglasses which I need to wear more, as opposed to defaulting to my Céline Tildas, and these incredible vegan Veja trainers. Veja are a great brand with sustainability at their core; Fastcompany describes 'every component of Veja footwear (as having) a story. The cotton comes from an organic farm in Brazil, where workers don’t have to worry about harmful pesticides poisoning their villages. The rubber is tapped by people in the Amazon using traditional techniques. The brand tries to use the most sustainable uppers possible... Even the way the shoes are boxed, warehoused, and shipped is unconventional: Veja partners with Atelier Sans Frontières, an organization that helps people who have been incarcerated or are otherwise struggling to find work, to employ workers to prepare orders.'. As per, I tied together the ensemble with my favourite Stella McCartney Falabella Mini bag, and that was the outfit.

Hope you're having a good week.


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