Uniform One

As I write this post, I have been living in London for four days. Today I had a job interview and quite liked the ensemble I put together for it. I thought I would document it in the start of a new 'series', as it were, titled 'Uniform'.

The concept of these Uniform videos, which I'll aim to post weekly, revolves around the fact that I dress very similarly day to day. My wardrobe is filled with a great number of fail safe sartorial tropes; the all black outfit, some Levi 501s and white tshirt, a jumper bigger than the hole in the ozone layer etc etc, with vintage garments featuring prominently. I want to use this structure to exhibit this, showing second hand fashion to be easy to wear, find and style. Therefore, in each of my Uniform videos I will be wearing at least one vintage garment which is easy to source second hand, or an item from a new and sustainable retailer. On this day it was my vintage Burberry mac, kindly given to me by my pal, Fintan.  I tend to find coats and macs to be some of the easiest items to find vintage and have therefore amassed a pretty vast collection over the years. Typically I gravitate towards black for a number of reasons, the foremost being that it'll go with everything and that it won't show wear and stains anywhere as easily as its neutral counterparts. 

This coat is pretty big for me so I just roll up the sleeves a few times and tend to wear it in a more laid back style. The base of this outfit consists of a Comme Des Garçons PLAY long sleeve black top, which is incredible but collects lint like noone's business, paired with a pair of black ASOS cigarette trousers and an ASOS belt. Because I'm crap at self shooting video, I managed to cut my shoes out of the video completely, but they were just the vegan Dr Martens lace ups. For a bag I just went with a light coloured tote to break up the look, this one happens to be from the Glasgow Coffee Festival back in May which was the first ever coffee festival that was completely zero waste(!!). I also wore my Céline 'Tilda' sunglasses which are near enough impossible to find now, but just make me feel like the biggest brat, in the best way possible.

I hope to hone this concept more as time goes on, but my ultimate aim - as mentioned - is to show how easy it is to start shopping second hand and integrate vintage items into a pre existing wardrobe. Also, lets hope the videos become less static over time.


PS: The video looks way better in the youtube window I promise; the blogger video tool has squished it.

PPS: A sneak peak of my little london room.

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